Department Of Justice Has Determined That Chicago Police Violates Citizen’s Civil Rights By Abusing Them & Using Excessive Force

Department Of Justice Has Determined That Chicago Police Violates Citizens Civil By Abusing Them & Using Excessive Force

The Chicago Police Department regularly violates citizens’ civil rights, routinely fails to hold officers accountable for misconduct and poorly trained officers at all levels, according to a sweeping Justice Department probe of the nation’s second-largest police department.

The report examined not just the on-the-street actions of the police department, but its institutional practices like training, accountability and discipline: The city’s police shot at fleeing suspects who posed no immediate threat, failed to accurately document and review when officers used force and relied on training that is decades out of date.

The findings echo those of an April 2016 report released by Chicago’s then-new Police Accountability Task Force, which emphasized that the police department must face a “painful but necessary reckoning” that includes acknowledging its racist history and its consequent legacy of corruption and mistrust ― particularly between the department and the minority communities it polices.

The DOJ also announced on Friday that it had reached an agreement with the city of Chicago to work on creating a court-enforceable plan to reform the department and address the issues aired in the report.

Justice Department “pattern-or-practice” investigations do not focus on individual incidents, but rather on systemic police misconduct. Federal officials had been scrambling to complete the report before the President-elect Donald Trump is inaugurated next week. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), who will likely be confirmed at the 84th U.S. attorney general, is skeptical of DOJ’s police investigations, which were used extensively in the Obama administration.

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