Not This AGAIN!!!…Deitrick Haddon Criticized For Claiming His Mistress-Turned-Wife Was Sent by God

Some stories really need to die a very quick death. The buzz circulating around Deitrick Haddon, his ex-wife and his new wife is one of those. What’s disturbing is people pointing fingers have to keep in mind there’s always 3 fingers point right back at you. There’s NO perfect person, apparently Deitrick Haddon has made amends with his demons and sought forgiveness for his role.  He has learned a very tough lesson & has moved on that’s all that matters.

We all have made mistakes and will continue to do so, but when in the spotlight and a fall from “grace” turns in to a bashing session a line has to be drawn. God is in the midst of EVERYTHING, the good, the bad and the ugly, He doesn’t facilitate it…WE DO!!  Basically we must keep in mind one of the greatest songs ever written by The Williams Brothers ” Sweep Around”!! Sweep around you own front &  back door before you try to sweep around MINE!!



Deitrick Haddon, Gospel singer, pastor, and star of “Preachers of L.A.,” is now married to Dominique, and the two are expecting their third child.  Meanwhile, Haddon’s ex-wife, Damita Chandler, is now married to Reuben Chandler. Reuben recently made a questionable comment on his Facebook page that has raised speculation as to who it was directed toward. Many read between the lines and came to the conclusion that the comment was targeting Haddon.

“You can’t marry your mistress and then say ‘God did it!’” the comment read.

The reason people are suspecting the shady comment was addressing Haddon is because he and Dominique’s first child was conceived while he was still married to Damita, basically meaning he had an extramarital affair. Haddon admitted to this on “The Wendy Williams Show” some time ago.

During the show, Haddon explained the circumstances under which he found himself going into the affair. In the end, he agreed that although he and Damita’s divorce process was underway, meaning they were still married, he already had something going on between him and Dominique.

“I actually went through a hard time where I really just left church, left preaching, singing gospel music and I was just in a space where I didn’t want to do it anymore,” Haddon explained. “But I met my beautiful wife and she was like my angel.”

Haddon and Dominique married in July of 2013. Their second daughter, Denver Monroe, was birthed in January of 2014, meaning she was conceived while the couple was not formally married.

After all is said and done, Chandler’s comment really raised the question of whether God can truly permit marrying your mistress. Many agree that it isn’t right, but they are also chastising Chandler for putting it out there blatantly, as if to target his wife’s ex.

To those people, he sent an additional message:

“If all of you great people have the daunting task of having to take into consideration a million people’s feelings before you make a post… don’t do it!

“To all the folk that sweat whenever FREE PEOPLE make a post…get out that kitchen!!”

If someone marries their paramour, can they honestly say that it was the work of God?

Source: All Christian News

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