Debt Transparency Act Becomes Law While IL Gov. Bruce Rauner Is Opposed To It

Guess the Illinois Governor is all in his feelings now because he can’t have his way.  Beginning in 2018 the Debt Transparency Act will go into effect meaning that unpaid Illinois state bills are required to be reported.  Gov.  Bruce Rauner ain’t happy about the new law.

States are going broke and agency that rely on state funding are not being paid as they should be and because of politicians like Rauner who are not doing what’s right by the people of the state. Well he can get over it but unfortunately he will just try something else to make up for this setback.

Read more as reported by The Illinois Chronicle:

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Rauner administration agencies will be required to report unpaid bills not yet forwarded to the comptroller’s office for payment beginning January 1, thanks to a new law.

The “Debt Transparency Act” became law after the General Assembly overrode Governor Bruce Rauner’s veto of the bill. In particular, the vote in the Illinois House was unanimous, in a rare 112-0 vote.

Rauner opposed the “Debt Transparency Act,” preferring instead to allow the administration to withhold information from the public about the true amount in unpaid bills that the state is holding.

During the state’s more than two-year budget impasse, the amount in unpaid bills more than tripled, reaching over $16 billion. Lawmakers last month overrode Governor Rauner’s veto of a budget package that would allow the state to start paying down those bills.

State Comptroller Susana Mendoza praised the override, saying, “I understand that our problems are really bad financially, but the only way to ever get to a position where we can fix the state’s financials is to know the true extent of how bad our financials are,” Mendoza said at a news conference following the House vote.

Mendoza said if she knows the full picture about outstanding bills to be paid, “I can try to do something to craft a comprehensive cash and debt management plan.”

Source: The Illinois Chronicle

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