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Deadly Drive-by Shooting In Houston Killing A 6-Year Old Boy Was A Possible Act Of Retaliation

The violence seems to be spreading and happening everywhere and no one is getting hurt or dying but the innocent. Another child has lost their life because of  possible retaliation according to the Houston police.  It’s so sad that people feel like they have to result to violence to resolve a conflict.  Now a child is dead and the culprits are still roaming the streets of Houston free as a bird while a family has to deal with the unfortunate task of burying their child.

Read more as reported by FOX:

drive by

– “I never cried like that ever before in my life,” said Leonel Cruz.

Cruz says he lost his heart after his 6-year-old brother Moses Jimenez died while his mother held him.

“She couldn’t even cry she was in shock,” Cruz said. “Moses was in her hands I had to close his eyes for her she didn’t know what to do.”

It was around 3:30 a.m. when gunshots went flying through the home of the family of 6.

“There were at least 14 rounds field into the house,” said HPD homicide investigator Brian Evans. “At least 14.”

Cruz showed us the bullet holes near the spot where Moses was sleeping.

“There was nothing we could do about it he was already gone,”said Cruz.

“I ran into the room where Emanuel the 11-year-old was,” Cruz said. “Seen my dad with him he was on his hands he was bleeding spitting blood.”

houston shooting

A neighbors surveillance camera caught images of the car involved. Police believe it’s a Honda Accord.

“It appears to be a small 4 door sedan possibly beige or gold in color,” Evans said.

Police believe an earlier incident at the house may have prompted the drive by which police are calling an act of retaliation.

“There are some older siblings of the children that we believe, more likely than not, were the potential or possible targets,” Evans said.

“Usually we would just fight like we normally do fight,” Cruz said. “They try to bring guns so I don’t know.”

Source: FOX

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