Dayton Ohio Public School Board Approves 1.0 GPA For Athletic Eligibility Requirements

Getting an education is by far one of the most important things to happen in a child’s life to prepare them for their future and while participating in extra curricular activities such as playing basketball, football and swimming can also help a child be well-rounded, their academic is always the most important piece to the puzzle.

Most school systems require the student to maintain a solid 2.0 GPA before any student can participate in sports.  The Dayton Public School Board of Education has made a move to change the eligibility requirements to a 1.0 GPA.  Educators should be cringe at this type of change because it says that putting in minimal work will allow a child to reap the same benefits as a child who puts in more work to meet or exceed previous requirements.

Dayton Public Schools has posted a letter explaining how the new process works however in the end it still allows students to participate in sports with less than a 2.0 (click link to view the letter)

Let hope this doesn’t  become a trend across many educational systems.

Read more as reported by WKRC:

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Dayton Public School’s Board of Education voted to change athletic eligibility for students Tuesday night.

Students will now have to have a 1.0 GPA on a 4.0 grading scale to be eligible to play. Those students with a GPA between 1.0 and 1.99 must enroll in the school’s Athletic Academic Intervention Program for at least one calendar year and make ‘satisfactory progress toward the established goal of a 2.0 GPA each academic quarter’.

They also said that students are allowed to participate in extracurricular activities if they have passed a minimum of five one-credit courses in the immediately preceding grading period, even if that student also earned a failing grade.

“That’s what this plan is about,” said Board of Education President Dr. Robert Walker. “It’s ensuring that all of our students are excelling, especially those who are participating in extra-curricular activities.”

The board approved the plan 4-1, with Adil Baguirov abstaining from voting. Joe Lacey was the only board member to vote ‘no.’ Lacey said he’s in favor of more academic resources for low-performing students, but believes the bar would be set too low, and feared the change would be viewed negatively by the public.

“To bring them into the academic process and tell them they have to have a ‘D’ at least, I really don’t think it’s that much to ask of our students to keep a ‘C’ average.”

The board didn’t address whether the changes had anything to do with an ineligible Dunbar High School player, that led to Dunbar attempting to throw a game last season.

FOX 45’s Shavon Anderson was told that the intention behind the change is to draw kids in who may be out on the streets and to increase the focus on education and tutoring.

Source: WKRC

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