David Banner’s Take On Racism He Says To Black People “Blame Yourself”

It’s funny how with all the turmoil going on in the world so many people can be silent while global chaos is happening all around them.  Some celebrities will speak up and but many won’t for fear of being blackballed in the entertainment industry.

David Banner

Photo Credit: Essence

Rapper David Banner recently had a sit down with Essence Magazine’s live host Dana Blair.  They had a short discussion on Banner’s view on racism and he says that “Until blacks threatens whites with loss of life and loss of finances, white America will forever continue to do what they do to Blacks”.  Is there some truth to what Banner said? Has Black America just sat back and watched White America “take down” the black race and is he right that we have to “blame ourselves” for the state of the black race?

EarHustle411 and the writing staff wants to know what are your thoughts about what David Banner says about racism?

Take a look:

Source: Essence (YouTube)



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