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Dang, The Sex Was Damaging!!! Woman Shoots Man She Met on Craigslist For Injuring Her Cervix During Sex


Police are investigating the shooting death of a man who was killed by a woman he met on Craigslist who accused him of damaging her cervix during intercourse.

Authorities say Jessica Lewis, 34 met Marteese Williams, 25 on the classified ad site Craigslist for a casual encounter.  According to reports, immediately after Lewis began complaining of extreme pain in her cervical area and sought medical attention.

Retrieved text messages and emails show that Lewis informed Williams that his large penis had damaged her cervix and may have prevented her from having children.  She also demanded that he pay her medical bills.  When Williams refused, investigators say she drove over to his home and shot him three times wounding him fatally.

Neighbors described Williams as a nice man who had just recently moved into the community.

“He was always friendly and smiling, and often would help me bring in my groceries” Verna Walker, 58 who lived two houses down from Williams told WSBN during an interview.  “I was washing dishes when I heard the gunshots, I couldn’t believe it was happening in our neighborhood and when I heard who I was equally shocked.”

Lewis is currently being charged with first degree murder and being held without bail.

Source: Ask Kissy

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