Dame Dash & Kanye West Facing Lawsuit For Loisaidas Movie

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It was just about week ago that Dame Dash and Kanye West were back in the news and this time it’s not for a new business venture. Michael Medina, Latin music producer from the duo Loisaidas is stating that Dame Dash’s Loisaidas: The Movie is harming the character of the group. Dame recently visited The Breakfast Club stirring up controversy about what a boss is and should look like. He also mentioned a shameless plug about his new movie “Loisaidas”.


“I haven’t watched a film that depicts the NYC drug underworld like this since Paid In Full,” said Hip Hop Motivations Kenyatta. The film features Dash, Murda Mook, Smoke Dza, and The Lox. The story line is about Mel, a young ambitious BMX street rider in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. As he travels through the streets he meets up with his friend and mentor, Rugby. Now a former resident of Harlem due to being forced to move because of the wake of a brutal triple-homicide, Rugby finds himself living in a Spanish section of the Lower East Side. They together birth a group of young ambitious hustlers from uptown and downtown and create a group, The Loisaidas. Other characters featured are a crooked cop, Lobo, a girl named Yolanda and the notorious hit squad, The Warlocks.

“I’m disgusted that they’re taking a brand that I made and built and turning it into something that it isn’t,” said Medina. “We’re a bachata group, we do music, we do videos, we do audio. It’s not a movie based on something that happened – some street activities. That’s not what I’m promoting.”

Medina perceives that the film’s advocacy about drugs and violence is abusing the group’s reputation.

Source: Sister2Sister

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