Dame Dash Hashtag #TweetLikeDameDash Has Taken Over Twitter



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Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Dame Dash may not be as visible as he once was back in the Roc days. But when the man does makes an appearance, it’s sure to have folks talking for days. Twitter erupted with jokes galore today when a hashtag titled #TweetLikeDameDash commandeered timelines everywhere.

The hashtag was birthed from a recent Breakfast Club interview where the Harlem native discussed his latest ventures, attacked all rumors head on and even gave birth to Twitter’s favorite phrase of the moment— “Chatty Patty.” The true gem of the interview is Dame’s take on being a boss, which switches the entire direction of the interview and resulted in some tense but memorable moments.  Although it’s been almost two weeks since the interview first dropped, social media always has a way of keeping the party going.

We rounded up some of the best #TweetLikeDameDash tweets for your pleasure. Sit back, enjoy and remember to use your inner Dame voice when reading.

Source: VH1

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