Dame Dash recently lost custody of his daughters to his ex-wife Rachel Roy and he is charging back at Roy with a lawsuit for $2.5 million, professing that she hindered his income.

TMZ reports that the Roc-a-Fella Records co-founder is suing his ex-wife for the numerous amounts of commitments she’s made connected to Royale Etenia LLC and Topson Downs for the fashion companies that they both partnered to start.

As a result, the “Rachel Roy” fashion collection has been advancing tremendously, existing in respected markets and worn by big name superstars like; First Lady Michelle Obama and Tyra Banks.


The legal documents are declaring that Dash is blaming  Roy of infringement of the settlement and manipulation with money dissemination that he worked for, consequently not obtaining his share from the businesses.

At the New York Supreme Court on Thursday (April 23), Dash has ordered the subpoena against his ex-wife just days after Roy had won the case for the custody battle for her girls and the restraining order she got in opposition to Dash.

Source: Sister2Sister