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Dallas Woman Suspicious Of Unwanted Activity Catches Intruder On Security Camera


DALLAS, TX (KDFW) — A young Dallas mother suspicious of activity in her apartment installed a camera, and over the weekend, her fears came true. That camera caught a nighttime intruder in her bedroom stealing as she slept at the Hampton Terrace apartments, where she’s lived nearly three years. The intruder stole money, but put some of it back before sneaking out of her apartment the same way he came in. The victim asked that FOX 4 not use her real name due to concerns that the intruder may try to look her up, so we call her Alice. “I started noticing things coming up, missing a little bit before of Christmas last year,” said Alice.

One of the things that went missing was money from her 5-year-old daughter’s piggy bank. “The only thing I could think of was someone was coming with a key and entering into my home and taking things,” said Alice. She says she contacted Dallas police and they told her, “I didn’t have any proof of anything; I just know what I have,” said Alice. Money kept going missing, so Alice’s mother bought a camera that works through an app viewed on her cell phone. “I moved it across my room right there by the fan,” said Alice.  
The camera captured images of an intruder in her bedroom while Alice was asleep, taking money off of her nightstand.

“I don’t necessarily feel like that was a crime of opportunity,” said Alice. “I feel like it was premeditated.”

The intruder entered her apartment home through the dining room window. The screen was cut from the outside, enough for a hand to lift the latch on the screen.

After removing her curtains, she discovered the mini blinds had been cut from the inside, right where the draw screen is located.

“At some point, they came into my house or someone they know came into my house with a key,” said Alice.

Apartment complex employees aware of the incident and her ongoing concerns, but would not talk with FOX 4.

Alice is grateful that the only thing taken was money.

“I’m more so glad that I’m able to stand here with you now and discuss it,” she said. “I’m happy that I even had the camera, had it on. I’m happy for a lot of things. I’m happy that I was able to see him.”

Now, she hopes that someone else will see him and know him and call police.

Source: Fox Chicago

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