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Dallas Fathers Give The Ultimate Gift To A Local Crossing Guard

EarHustle411 came across this video on Facebook and it is the most beautiful and heartwarming video we have seen thus far in 2015.  A group of fathers in Dallas, TX gave a local crossing guard named Mr. Kent a gift with so much love and compassion it’s almost too good to be true.

According to the video, Mr. Kent ran into some financial struggles while taking care of his sick wife.  During the time he was tending to her well-being, his car was repossessed.  The fathers of the many children he helps at the crosswalk where they attend school got together and made Mr. Kent a very happy man.

Take a look and see how they did it:



The tears of joy Mr. Kent shed was more than enough thanks for the father who gave an unselfish man an unselfish gift.  This just goes to prove that even in this world where violence and chaos gets the most press, there are STILL GOOD people around who do things from the heart and “just because” it’s nice to be nice!!!

Kudos from EarHustle411 to the Dallas, TX fathers for appreciating what Mr. Kent means to you and you and your children.

Source: Facebook (video)

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