Da Brat’s Response To The $6.4 Million Dollar Judgement

Recording artist Da Brat found herself totally stunned when she was hit with a $6.4 million dollar judgement against her.  Shawntae Harris formally known as Da Brat admits to her wrongdoing in the bottle attach causing former waitress and Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader Shayla Stevens to have injuries to her face.

Da Brat’s attorney commented “I’m baffled,  she owned up to what happened and when it happened and was punished” as reported to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Da Brat took to YouTube to show her frustration about the judgement.


I can’t be mad at Da Brat for her amazement about the judgement.  She stated herself that Stevens did deserve some compensation but to the tune of $6.4 million even I believe that is a bit excessive.  Let’s be realistic about this, what type of life did the woman have prior to the incident and I am not placing blame or anything.  She was an ex-cheerleader so that part of her life was over and she was employed as a waitress which we all know the money can be good but not $6.4 million dollars worth.  According to IMDB (Internet Movie Database) Ms. Stevens dba Shay Latte has had more off-screen experience than on-screen. It would be interesting to know what her current net worth and potential earnings would have been had she not been involved in the incident.  Again not $6.4 million dollars of earnings simply because very few African-American actresses are making that much in their current careers.  In 2012 Halle Berry topped the list being worth $70 million and Lauren London is at the bottom of the 25 wealthiest black female actresses with a mere $2 million according to Celebrity Net Worth.  Geez!! Even Academy Award Winning actress Lupita Nyong’o’s net worth is $500,000.

 Below is a video of Ms. Stevens’ court testimony and a movie trailer from 2010:

In no way am I saying what Da Brat did was right, it was definitely wrong and she paid the price for her wrong doing and is still on probation for the assault. I have no doubt that Ms. Stevens deserves some compensation for her damages and pain and suffering however had this situation not occurred she would have been going on about her life as a part-time waitress. There were reports that she was to make an appearance on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, and had a few other opportunities relative to choreography, commercial, professional, and acting. All that is fine but nothing to warrant the judgement she was awarded.  So in retrospect to say that her life was going to be booming after that night I would have to emphatically disagree.


The judgement is excessive and the amount imposed is only because of who the defendant is and it is possible a look into Da Brat’s previous successes and album sales, royalties and future earnings played a factor in the judgement.  I suggest Da Brat to inquire about having it reduced or adjusted to make it a fair judgement.  Earhustle411 wishes both parties the best in this unfortunate situation.



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