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CTA Blue Line Derailment Leaves 32 Injured

In the wee hours of the morning while the city slept, Chicago Transit Authority  (CTA) amidst the Blue Line to O’Hare jumped the tracks to find the cars up the escalator.


 Officials say the train was going at a higher rate of speed than normal for a train’s approach into the station and the train jumped passed a married to prevent situations like this.  The train operator was walking and talking after the accent occurred.  About 32 people sustained non life threatening injuries.



Per CTA officials the investigation is ongoing and is too soon to know the cause of the derailment CTA has been using shuttle buses to move passengers to and from the Rosemont & O’Hare stops.  Thank God those who were injured were not seriously hurt, Earhustle411 will keep you updated as more develops with this story.


Source: Suntimes

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