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Crying Over Spoiled Milk: Are African-Americans Being Sold Spoiled Food In Their Communities By Non- Black Store Owners

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It has long been stated that there are a lot of non- black owned grocery stores, gas stations, Laundromats, Liquor Stores etc. located in many African-American neighborhoods in which they do not employ anyone from the communities.

A gentleman from Chicago frequents a little grocery store in his neighborhood to purchase milk for his 2 year old only to open it and finds that the milk is dated for August 21st yet a week before expiration date, the milk has already spoiled. 

The man then takes the milk back to the store of purchase and let’s the store manager know that the milk is no good.  he states, ” None of this milk yawl are selling is good.” He then claims that he purchased 3 gallons of milk from him and the milk were no good.

He then said,” this is the third time this month that you sold me spoiled milk, that’s not how you’re supposed to sell milk, look at it, it has curds in it.”

The store manager asked him why he opened the milk and why did he stick his finger in the milk,  The gentleman said I had to open the milk to drink it… Just give me back my $3.00.

It was only after he threatened to contact the Health Department when the store manager gave him back his money.

The question is why do African- Americans allow sub par treatment in their communities by non-blacks? Why do they allow others to infiltrate their neighborhoods with poisonous foods, drugs and other substances which are no good for the community yet will be quick to tear another black business owner down for making a mistake or for not being professional which is the excuse many give for not supporting black businesses?

Are black people a target for abuse and neglect?  Are black people being used as money trains by non- black business owners?

Ear Hustle 411 would like your opinion on this matter.  Chime in and let us know how you feel.


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