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Crews Rescue Naked Woman Stuck In Ex-Boyfriend’s Chimney

Crews Rescue Naked Woman Stuck In Ex-Boyfriend’s Chimney


A 35-year-old California woman was rescued by fire crews after reportedly stripping down naked and trying to shimmy down the chimney of her estranged boyfriend’s home.

According to multiple reports, firefighters spent two hours trying to free the woman.

CBS Los Angeles reported that the homeowner, Tony Hernandez, said the woman, his ex-girlfriend and mother of his three children, tried early in the morning Saturday to enter the door of his house.

When she found it locked, she reportedly climbed to the roof to get in through the chimney. She removed her clothes to “aid her descent,” CBS Los Angeles reported.

Hernandez also told KABC in Los Angeles he had tried to rescue her, but “it was too hard.”

He reportedly later called 911. The woman was taken to the hospital for minor injuries and is expected to be OK.

Hernandez told CBS Los Angeles the woman doesn’t live with him and isn’t allowed to be around their children.



Source:  WGNTV

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