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Creshuna Miles Juror 8, From Michael Dunn “Loud Music” Murder Trial Says Race Wasn’t A Factor In Verdict



In an interview with CNN, a second juror from the Michael Dunn murder trial has stepped forward to speak on the verdict, and she says the verdict had nothing to do with race. Creshuna Miles, 21, is the second juror to come forward, after juror 4, a woman named Valerie, came forward to say that she felt Dunn got away with murder. Miles was one of two black women on the jury (which included four white men, four white women, one Asian woman and one Hispanic man), which with a vote of 9-3, decided to convict Dunn of the three counts of second degree murder. Dunn was also convicted of one count of hurling a deadly missile for firing shots at the car Jordan Davis and his friends were riding in as it was driving away (no weapons were found on the teens). However, the jury couldn’t come to an agreement on the first degree murder charge, so it was declared a mistrial. According to News One, Miles says that despite the correlations of this trial to the George Zimmerman trial and the killing of Trayvon Martin, and people saying race was a huge factor in the fact that Dunn wasn’t convicted of killing Davis, she says people have the wrong idea: Creshuna Miles: “I never once thought about, ‘Oh, this was a black kid, this was a white guy.’ Because that wasn’t the case.”Alicia Machado: “So, for people who say, you know, here’s another white guy who got away with shooting and killing a black kid, what would you tell them?”Miles: “I would tell them that they really should knowledge theyself on the law.”Machado: “If this case wasn’t about race for you, what was it about?”Miles: “It was about justice. When I walked into it, I just wanted to bring justice to whoever it was. If it was Michael Dunn, I wanted to bring justice to him. If it was Leland, Tevin, Tommy or Jordan, I wanted to bring justice to them.”The father of Jordan Davis, Ron Davis, has since responded to her statements in an interview with Anderson Cooper, and believes she is the one who is confused:


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