Couple’s Wedding Reception Cancelled By Hotel To Accommodate For The Washington Redskins Camp

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All EarHustle411 can say about the following post is WOW!!  A couple gets the most major upset of their lives.  Here they are preparing to get married and the Omni Richmond Hotel contacts the couple and informs they they cancelled their wedding reception scheduled for August 2015 due to the NFL football team the Washington Redskins needed to utilize the same ballroom the couple reserved for their upcoming nuptials.

The couple Christopher Charity and Cecilia Hall couldn’t have been more flabbergasted about the situation and even thought the hotel planned to return the $11,000 they had already paid and then they slapped them in the face with the $800 “concession”  for the inconvenience.  While the Redskins offered the couple sideline passes to any home game of their choice

wedding reception

EarHustle411 and the writing staff would like to know what are your thoughts about this.  Would you take the hotel’s offer or take your disappointment a step further and make the hotel compensate you more?

Take a look at the news report:


Source: Fox Carolina 21

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