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Couple Postponed Wedding Due To Groom Having Brain Surgery Venue REFUSED To Allow Date Change & Keeps $3600 Deposit



Destiny and Nicholas Brzuska could not wait to get married.

After a two-year engagement full of planning for the ceremony, it was almost time.

“We picked Jan. 4 because that’s when he said he loved me and it meant a lot,” Destiny said.

But three weeks before the big day, the couple received heart-breaking news. The doctors found a four-ounce tumor inside Nicholas’s brain, and he needed surgery before it got any bigger.

The couple feared the worst could happen, so the two rallied friends together, found a 24-hour chapel and got married that night.

They still wanted their dream ceremony, but doctors told them Nicholas would not be strong enough by their wedding date.

Destiny and her family called the venue, The Garden Room in Garden Grove, and explained the situation to see if the date could be pushed back.

According to Destiny, nothing in the contract prohibits the couple from pushing back their date, but a manager denied her request and said the $3,600 deposit was non-refundable.

“I was in tears, like how can you do this, and still the owner has not called,” Destiny said.

Eyewitness news called the owner of the venue, Lisa Waddell, who said she had no comment on the matter.

On Jan. 6, doctors successfully removed the tumor from Nicholas’ head. Now in recovery, he said he is blown away by the owner’s lack of sympathy.

“[It’s] disconcerting knowing that there’s people like that out there. All they are [is] money-hungry,” he said.

The couple said they are planning their dream ceremony for Dec. 13 this year, which is their one year wedding anniversary. They said they are still looking for a new venue.

Source: ABC7

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