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Couple Has Winning $50 Million Lotto Ticket Returned After Losing It

Couple Has Winning $50 Million Lotto Ticket Returned After Losing It


Winning the lottery once is a rare thing, but winning the lottery, losing the ticket, and then getting it back? That’s more luck than most people could ever dream of.

Hakeem and Abiola Nosiru of Brampton, Canada, were understandably excited when they found out they had the winning ticket for a $50 million dollar jackpot back in January, the Toronto Sun reported. But just the next day their joy was interrupted when the couple lost the ticket, which was taped inside Abiola’s purse, after attending church.

I couldn’t sleep for days, I couldn’t eat. I was devastated,” Abiola told the Canadian Press.

But months later, something incredible happened.

A member of their church congregation found the ticket and returned it to the couple on April 1, the outlet reported. Hakeem had signed the ticket and included their address, making it easier for the ticket to be returned to the grateful couple.

The Ontario Provincial Police investigated on behalf of Ontario Lottery and Gaming, concluding that the ticket belonged to the Nosirus, and they were able to claim their prize earlier this week.

The couple, who migrated from Nigeria but have lived in Brampton for nearly two decades, are relieved and looking forward to spending time with their children and grandchildren, the Toronto Sun reported.

We are relieved, we are very excited, we are very happy,” Abiola told the outlet. However, the couple is staying grounded.

“We believed that before the money there was a life,” she said. “After the money there would be a life.”




Source: Huffingtonpost.com


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