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Couple Dies In Deadly Car Crash After Skipping Out On Dinner Tab

A street littered with debris; two cars demolished, and two people dead.

It’s a violent end to what was a relatively minor crime; not paying a dinner tab.

The crash claimed the life of a 31-year-old man in a gray car heading home from work.

Residents and people working near the crash scene heard the crash.

“It sounded horrible for one… all we heard were the brakes and the flipping noises, then we rushed outside to see what was going on,” said Britani Franks.

The damage to both cars was so bad that there wasn’t much anyone could do.

“Completely totalled, the one that got slammed on the gray one, it was totalled from the front end. The top, they were cutting it open when I showed up over there,” said Adrian Leyendecker.

Police say the driver of the Camaro was driving very fast; the female driver lost control.

They say she and a male passenger had recently left the Texas Roadhouse Restaurant near 75th Ave. & McDowell without paying.

Store employees called police as the couple left in a hurry. Police say other witnesses reported the two fighting inside the car.

Phoenix Police’s helicopter spotted the couple, and an officer began chasing them on the ground. As speeds picked up the officers on the ground stop pursuing and let the helicopter follow the car.

While traveling through 67th Avenue & Van Buren, the driver lost control killing the driver of the other car and her male passenger.

“It is terrible that somebody innocent died over something stupid like that, and not being able to help it in any way, shape, or form,” said Ray Armijo.


Source: Fox 32

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