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Countdown To The 25th Annual Chosen Few Picnic July 4, 2015

EarHustle411 Family it’s just about that time for us to descend upon the Chicago area’s Jackson Park to be amongst the greatest community of people and share a meal, laughs and get our HOUSE ON together.  That’s right…the Chosen Few Picnic aka the “Woodstock of House Music” entering in its 25th year and their Silver Anniversary of gathering together in the name of that beautiful, angelic sound called House.


This year’s line up is a MONSTER!!! Kicking things off on Saturday morning  will be Chicago’s Own DJ Greg Gray.  He is the ONLY DJ to ever have consistently grace the turntables at the CFP.  Last year he banged out his set and we are sure that he will do the very same.  Another hometown favorite gracing the sacred decks is DJ Keith Fobs. EarHustle411 did a little bit of snooping and we found that Keith is also beast on the 1s and 2s.  Spinning House classics at local venues for his adoring fans DJ Keith Fobs is on his way to becoming “legendary” Keith Fobs.

Derrick Carter is another one who has made being a DJ a lifelong journey and in our research on Mr. Carter he certainly has a loyal following.  Derrick is doing his thing all over the place EarHustle411 can hardly keep up.  Well we know he will be settled in one place on Saturday and we can’t wait to see what heat he’s gonna add to the 85 degrees scheduled for the 4th.  Next is London’s very own Stan Zeff now taking up residence in Atlanta, we foresee Stan bringing the London beat to Chicago and the local natives are going to show him how the househeads do when the beat is right!!

What do we say about the Masters At Work duo?? They put the WORK IN??  MAW is truly the masters at remixing and turning tracks into “masterpieces”.  With Louie Vega and Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez hitting the tables on Saturday, it’s surely to be a sweat bead wiping experience.

The Chosen Few Picnic always bring out the best in musical talent to entertain the attendees.  This year’s guest talent are both superstar legends in their own right and both have contributed greatly to the music industry.  EarHustle411 is so excited about Stephanie Mills and Evelyn “Champagne” King gracing the CFP stage for their 25th Anniversary.  With those two powerhouse divas singing tracks like “I Don’t Know If It’s Right”, “Shame”, “Sweet Sensation” and “What Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin” picnic goers are surely going to have a nostalgic moment that will leave lasting memories.  Also adding to the musical line up is Cory Daye of Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band whose signature track “Cherchez La Femme” is always a welcomed song to round out the “househead” experience.  Househeads lose their minds when they hear that horn and clapping drumbeat intro…it’s all she wrote at that point!!

chosen few picnic

Of course, throughout the day, Wayne, Alan, Jesse, Terry, Tony, Andre and Mike will be doing what they do best as each of them “brang it” and “bang it”  for their loyal followers all the while gaining new followers.  EarHustle411’s Media Correspondent “SunShyne” being the quintessential “Househead” will surely keep the EarHustle411 Family updated as things unfold during this Silver Anniversary celebration.

If you haven’t gotten your Chosen Few Picnic ticket don’t fret entry to the event can be made at the entrances to the festivities.

EarHustle411 hopes to see you on Saturday, July 4, 2015 as we experience history being made.



Happy Anniversary CFP

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