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Cops: Twin toddlers left naked, locked in room, Mother Arrested

Brandy Dominguez booking photo

A mother of twin toddlers in Texas was arrested Tuesday after authorities found her children naked and locked in a room, according to a police report.

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office has charged Brandy Dominguez with abandonment/endangering a child by criminal negligence.

According to HLN affiliate KTRK, probation officers were initially looking for Dominguez at the home Tuesday morning to check on her since she is facing a federal charge of conspiracy to transport illegal immigrants.

Shortly after their arrival, the officers say they heard scratching sounds coming from a room. They had Dominguez’s sister, 27-year-old Amy Castillo, unlock the door, where the girls were found. Officers say the room “smelled of human waste,” adding that no food or toys were present. The 2-year-old girls were then taken away by Child Protective Services.

Before the arrest, Dominguez told the station that she left the girls with their diapers on while they were lying on floor pallets. She claims a lock was only used at night to prevent the 2-year-old girls from running away.

“I was gone maybe about 30 minutes,” she told KTRK. “My sister’s been left with my kids before and nothing’s ever happened.”

Dominguez has been investigated by CPS prior to this week’s incident. A “risk case” was opened in 2011, but closed the following year.

Dominguez’s sister was also arrested in connection to the case on Saturday. She has been charged with child abandonment and endangerment as well.

Police had been investigating the situation since Castillo’s weekend arrest and issued an arrest warrant for Dominguez on Tuesday.

Dominguez is scheduled for a hearing this Friday. There’s no word on the whereabouts of the toddlers’ father.


Source:  HLNTV.Com



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