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Cop Forced Teen To Perform Oral Sex On Himself And His Partner, Keeps Law Enforcement Certification & Doesn’t Have To Register As Sex Offender

Cop Forced Teen To Perform Oral Sex On Himself And His Partner, Keeps Law Enforcement Certification & Doesn't Have To Register As Sex Offender


Omaha, Nebraska (TFC) – A cop took a deal in relation to charges of sexually assaulting a teenage girl and will not receive a felony conviction, will not have to register as a sex offender, will only serve a year in jail, and still currently has his law enforcement certification.

The rapist cop used a small amount of marijuana found during a traffic stop to extort a young lady into performing sexual acts. The officer made her boyfriend walk down to a nearby lake and wait for him to finish assaulting the girl. The former deputy, Cory Cooper, is 31 years old. The victim is 19.

The plea deal means he won’t have to go to trial on the charge of first-degree sexual assault. That was a felony that could have landed him in prison for twenty-five years. Instead, he’ll go to a jail where he knows the staff and will be protected from other inmates who would typically provide some form of real justice in a case like this. He will still be able to possess a firearm. There is nothing prohibiting him from being a police officer again after he serves the time for his minor crimes. In fact, he still has his law enforcement certification, even though that is expected to be stripped eventually.

Don’t worry though, he’ll be able to requalify for law enforcement work soon because he doesn’t have a felony record. Thanks to Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine, this man will be able to exit jail, obtain another job in law enforcement, and force another teenage girl to perform oral sex on him soon.

This is the American justice system. If you wonder why people riot, if you wonder why people celebrate when cops are killed, if you wonder why law enforcement in the United States is no longer respected and is viewed as an enemy of the people; remember the name Cory Cooper. It might be wise to remember the name of the prosecutor that protected the thin blue line as well. That name is Don Kleine.

People convicted of certain sex crimes may have to register on a state or national sex offender registry. However in some cases, the mere accusation of a sex crime can permanently damage your reputation, so it’s important to click the link here to seek legal counsel as soon as possible.




Source:  Mintpressnews

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