Convicted Felon With Aryan Pride Facial Tattoo Is Identified As The Shooter In Oregon Cop Shooting

A convicted felon with a face covered in Aryan pride tattoos and an open warrant for heroin possession has been identified by police as the man behind Monday night’s Subway shootout in northern Oregon, according to local reports.

Jeffrey Giddings is in custody after allegedly taking a woman hostage and engaging in a standoff with police Monday night in the small town of Gladstone.

The standoff started when a cop tried pulling over the 45-year-old Klamath Falls man — who was on a bicycle — for a municipal code violation. When the cop approached him, Giddings allegedly fled the scene.

Later, another cop found him in the Subway parking lot, where the Klamath Falls man fired off a shot, striking an officer before escaping into the store and taking a woman hostage.

Giddings refused to negotiate when the SWAT team arrived and eventually police shot him.

He was taken to a local hospital and is facing several charges. The hostage was safely released and Sgt. Lee Jundt — the 20-year veteran hit by Giddings’ gunfire — was not wounded in the exchange.

Giddings’ criminal history dates back to at least 1995 and includes everything from burglary to theft to drug charges, KATU reported.

In 2012, the tatted terror was slapped with a federal indictment for unlawful transportation of firearms, according to WATE.

“He admitted using methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine and heroin,” according to federal court documents. He was initially sentenced to 15 years behind bars when prosecutors argued he was an “armed career criminal,”  but was later resentenced to just under five years.

Source: NY Daily News

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