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Controversial Right Winger Ted Nugent Says “I Got Your Blue State Right Here Baby” While Groping His Crotch At A Trump Rally

Photo Credit: Video Screenshot

Photo Credit: Video Screenshot

Our favorite Donald Trump surrogate Ted Nugent showed up in Sterling Heights, Michigan, to defend the Republican presidential nominee’s decision to campaign in the blue state during the final few days before Election Day.

“I got your blue state right here, baby,” the Michigan-born guitarist told rally goers while he groped his crotch on Sunday. “Black and blue.”

Guitar in hand, Nugent took the stage to chants of “U.S.A.,” but a technical difficulty made the amp output high-pitched feedback. After 70-some seconds of explaining to the techs where to plug-in which cord, he commenced shredding the national anthem.

“Everybody in Michigan put their heart and soul into being the best that they could be,” Nugent began his speech, presumably recalling the since offshored manufacturing sector. “Everyone in Michigan busted their ass to be as productive as they could. The whole world looked to Michigan as the work ethic epicenter of humanity. World class productivity. The hardest working shitkickers mankind has ever known.”

“Michigan is a blue state,” he added, prompting boos. “Are there enough working-hard, playing-hard . . . Michigan sh*tkickers left to take this state back and vote Trump for president?”

After Nugent squeezed himself, he later exited the stage and returned to play an impromptu rendition of his song “Fred Bear.”

“I think we found us a sh*tkicker running for president,” he said in a spoken-word interlude during his performance. “A radical. Somebody who believes in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Constitution is radical. The Bill of Rights is radical. And the other side is radically evil.”

Source: Salon

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