CONSUMER ALERT: Another Customer Data Breach; This Time It’s Jewel-Osco…AGAIN!!!


For the second time in less than two months, hackers have targeted Jewel-Osco.

The parent company said it is too early to tell just how many people have been affected, but did say that malicious software was installed in the networks that process debit and credit card transactions. Many stores have been affected in several states, including Indiana, Illinois and Iowa.

It seems like every week hackers infiltrate another company. Monday, it’s the parent company of Jewel-Osco. Last week, it was Jimmy Johns.


“Fraud never sleeps,” said Governors State University professor Bill Kresse. “While we’re in bed here in the U.S., there is someone on the other side of the globe trying to separate you from your money.”

Jewel’s parent company says the most recent breach happened in late August or early this month.

It stresses there is no indication anything was stolen, but it may have accessed account numbers and expiration dates.

“It’s a dangerous thing,” said customer John Piazza. “I think it certainly needs to be addressed. Data security is very important and it’s a very relevant concern today.”

Identity theft and fraud expert Bill Kresse says this will keep happening until chip and pin cards replace magnetic stripe cards. This is why companies should invest in disaster recovery services so that no data will be lost. Visit or other experts’ sites to know more.

“The bad guys have not figured out a way to put that information on the chip embedded in the new style credit cards,” said Kresse.

Fraud experts say that banks, credit card companies and retailers can no longer protect your credit card information, so it is best that statements and credit card information is checked on a daily basis.

Source: ABC

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