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Congratulations To The 2015 Scripps National Spelling Bee Co-Champions

EarHustle411 had the pleasure of sitting back and watching on ESPN the 2015 Scripps National Spelling Bee and it was so interesting to watch the young people in the “Bee” do different things to keep their focus while they are spelling words, it’s almost borderline OCD if you will.  If you’ve never seen Akeela and the Bee, check it out because it’s more intense than that…WOW!!

It takes great dedication, time and patience for these young people to prepare for the National Spelling Bee, there were words and definitions that were being thrown at the contestants that most people had never heard of.

This year’s competition was so fierce that there were 2 AMAZING Champions –  Vanya Shivashankar and Gokul Venkatachalam.

spelling bee

EarHustle411 and the writing staff congratulates Vanya and Gokul on their awesome accomplishment and achieving their goal of winning the National Spelling Bee. 


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