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College Student Pays Off Grandparents Mortgage On Easter

College Student Pays Off Grandparents Mortgage On Easter

A San Jacinto, Texas college student spent many years eating microwave pizza at home so he could save enough money to surprise his grandparents on Easter by presenting them with a $15,000 check to help them pay off the remaining mortgage on their home.

In addition to his studies, Stefun Darts also works full-time and runs a non-profit organization called Caring Heart Youth, according to ABC 7. Darts’ grandparents reside in Houston, Texas.

When he delivered the check, his grandfather, Cecil Roberts exclaimed: “‘Paid your house off.’ Who did this? You did that?!”

Although his grandparents were on their way to paying their mortgage off, after more than two decades of monthly on-time payments, it would have taken them another four years to complete the purchase.

Darts also gifted his grandparents with a trip to the Bahamas. His grandmother, Marylin, cried tears of joy.

In an interview with KHOU, Darts’s mother Stephanie Wyatt said she knew her son was special every since he was a little boy and spoke of his inclination towards generosity. “He would start giving,” Wyatt said. “Asking if anyone needed help with anything.”



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