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Cocaine Addicted Banker Openly Snorts Coke On Train & Offers Passengers Some Of The Coke He Dropped…WOW!! [Video]


Friends say they’re “worried” about a 23-year-old British banker who started openly snorting cocaine on the Tube this month. Worrying behavior to be sure, but at least he was kind enough to offer his fellow commuters what he dropped on the floor, which is honestly more than I can say for most drug-addled New Yorkers.

The Sun broke the viral video, which was reportedly taken by an amused restaurant manager, and features the banker advising passengers, “Honey, don’t get rich” in between bumps.

The witness, a restaurant manager in London, recorded the two-minute and four second clip when he saw the boozed-up man, who was travelling alone, shadow-boxing in front of bemused passengers.

The brash drug-taker, believed to have got on after London Bridge Station, then offers his powder to the restaurant manager and asks if he is a cop when he declines.

Our witness said: “He asked whether I was a policeman. People were just trying to get away from him. No one could quite believe was he was doing.”
Friends say the man is Tom Osborne, a banker from a wealthy family who recently began working for a company that supplies secure networks.

One former schoolmate, who asked not to be named, told MailOnline: ‘He’s had a really hard time recently.’
His reported employer, the BMC Group, tells the Daily Mail the company is investigating the allegations.

‘We are aware of the story and are investigating the matter. We do not condone illegal activities among our employees and will take proper action within our disciplinary policy.’

Source: Gawker

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