C’Mon Man…Really?? CNN’s Don Lemon Holds Up Sign With N****r On It And Asks “Does This Offend You?”…Umm YEA!!

don lemon

Wow, the idiots complain about Fox News. How classy is this? CNN, so you don’t forget it’s 2015 not 1958!!!

CNN Tonight” host Don Lemon opened his show on Monday night by holding up both a Confederate flag and an uncensored sign that included the N-word — an act that is getting quite a bit of attention.

“This is what America is talking about right now. Does this offend you?” Lemon said while holding up a Confederate flag. “It’s a Confederate flag. Is it a symbol of southern pride or a symbol of hate?”

But it’s what he did next that’s sparking fury, as Lemon then proceeded to hold up an unredacted sign with the N-word on it, asking viewers whether the word bothers them.

“Does this offend you — this word?” Lemon asked. “President Obama said it out loud in an interview, and a lot of people are shocked.”


Source: GOP The Daily Dose

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