Cloverhill Bakery Scrambles To Get Work Done After An Immigration Raid Causes Them To Lose 800 Workers

A bakery located on Chicago’s northside is losing millions of dollars due to an immigration raid that happened recently causing the company to lose 800 of its employees.  Reports stated the employees didn’t have adequate immigration documentation.

Cloverhill Bakery is known to make the hamburger buns for McDonald’s in addition to baked goods for other companies.  It is also reported the Swiss-based organization has lost roughly about $21 million due to raid.

Photo Credit: Google

Cloverhill Bakery spokesperson has stated the company is having a difficult time replacing the lost staff amid increased pressure to raise wages.

No further information has been released regarding the subject or what will happen to the employees caught up in the raid.   EarHustle411 will post updates as they are released.

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