Cleveland Cop Caught Aiming Gun At Two Unarmed Women After Car Accident

Cleveland Cop Caught Aiming Gun At Two Unarmed Women After Car Accident

Why on earth would a cop point his gun at two unarmed women in the middle of an accident?  Have some of these cops gotten so comfortable not being held accountable that they just do whatever the hell they want without consequence.

Has society gotten so lax that some of these cops feel they are more powerful than society and above the law?

The Cleveland Police can’t seem to stay out of the news lately. Now, after a “rough year” from the Tamir Rice fall out, and the Officer Brelo trial, the department is catching heat for a photo that went viral over the weekend.

That image clearly showed a Cleveland police officer drawing his weapon and aiming it at two African American women. The women were completely unarmed and non-aggressive. They were at the scene of a hit and run traffic accident, according to a spokesperson for the Cleveland Police Department, who responded to this image on Monday.

The image first hit the Internet on Sunday, when it was posted to Reddit.

The image was shared via a photo from the Imgur service and has now been viewed million of times.

The picture shows the Cleveland officer on a motorcycle, ducking behind the vehicle and aiming his pistol at the two women. Both women seem surprised and shocked that the officer would be aiming a weapon at them, when they clearly had done nothing to warrant such violent aggression.

Lt. Ali Pillow told The Cleveland Plain Dealer that someone had tipped the officer off on Sunday that the car had been involved in a hit-and-run.

But when the officer stopped his motorcycle, the people in the car allegedly fled so the officer drew his weapon and ordered everyone to put their hands up.

Pillow said that the weapon was not discharged during the incident. The driver was charged on suspicion ofdriving while intoxicated.

Pillow told WEWS that the driver was wanted in connection with multiple hit-and-runs.



Source:  Counter Current News

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