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City Councilman Tasered By Police In The Same Town As Sandra Bland

Something is really wrong in Texas!! How does a town’s city official get tasered and arrested? Whatever happened to professional courtesy? Well one might want to ask the police in Prairie View, TX where the latest out of that area is city councilman Jonathan Miller was tased and arrested for resisting arrest outside of his home after officers were “questioning” a group of young men who were at his home.  Apparently the officers of Prairie View don’t like to be confronted when they are supposedly “doing their job”.   Hmmm guess they were just doing their job when Sandra Bland was cruising through their town as well…huh!!  EarHustle411 will provide updates as more reports emerge about this one.

Read more as reported by the Daily Mail:


A city councilman was tasered in the same small Texas town where Sandra Bland died in police custody.

Jonathan Miller, 26, a councilman in Prairie View, has hit with the weapon by officers in the town as they were questioning suspects who had been inside his home around 8.30pm Thursday night.

Miller was arrested after going outside and allegedly interfering in the questioning of men that local reports identified as his fraternity brothers.

Videos of the incidents captured by a witness and police body cameras show the officers asking Miller to put hands behind his back before he is shocked while appearing to be on his knees.

‘he’s going to have to tase you’ and a male officer repeats commands for Miller to put his hands behind his back after the weapon is deployed and the councilman is screaming in pain.


The clip shows Miller repeatedly saying he lives at the house and asking what he did to be tasered.

Miller’s friends told KTRK that men were outside the home changing their shoes to practice a step routine when police stopped and questioned them.

Prairie View Police Department released a statement Friday that said: ‘After repeated commands to step back, Mr. Miller was told that he was being placed under arrest for interfering with the investigation.’

‘Once officers attempted to arrest Miller, he physically resisted. Mr. Miller continued to resist, even after repeated commands to stop’.

Miller, a substitute teacher who said he was treated for a back injury at the hospital, told KHOU that he didn’t feel he was resisting arrest and was simply asking questions about what was happening to his fraternity brothers.

‘It went from me asking questions, to me basically being put face down on the ground,’ he said.

Witness Brandon Wilson, who shot a cell phone video of the incident, said that claims Miller wrestled with an officer on the ground are false.

‘The only wrestling was when he [the officer] slammed him on the ground. He got him on the ground so easily, he’s only 130 pounds’.

The female officer in the Miller incident was also reportedly involved in Bland’s arrest at a traffic stop, before she was reportedly found dead in her jail cell in July after what authorities called a suicide.

Her death sparked investigations into her incarceration and arrest, which occurred after she and an officer argued about a lit cigarette.

‘We have six police officers. The probability of having the same officer involved in multiple types of incidences is probable,’ Prairie View Chief of Police Larry Johnson said, according to NBC.

I haven’t seen anything that gave me any cause for concern as far as this officers conduct at this point

Johnson added that he hadn’t ‘seen anything that gives me cause for concern as far as at this point’.

The officers involved were not placed on leave, though an investigation into the case is ongoing.

Miller was charged with interference and resisting arrest. He bonded out of jail in Waller County on Friday morning.

Source: Daily Mail

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