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Chris Brown Co-Signed By Notorious Los Angeles Blood Gang

Chris Brown Co-Signed By Notorious Los Angeles Blood Gang


Other than his return to the stage at the BET Awards to perform his hugely successful single, “Loyal”, the talk surrounding Chris Brown was also centered around his appearance at a nightclub party during the weekend of the event in Los Angeles. TMZ cameras caught Chris in the club talking with a friend, before throwing up gang signs affiliated with the Blood street gang while dancing to 2 Chainz‘ verse on Drake‘s “All Me”.


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Late last week, TMZ reported that the Fruit Town Piru Blood gang of Compton have embraced Chris Brown and made him an honorary member due to the work he’s done in their community and the opportunities he’s provided for some of their certified members. The “Loyal” singer has reportedly hired several of the members to work for him, shot a music video in the neighborhoods they frequent, and consistently gives out shoes to the less fortunate kids that inhabit that area. As a token of their gratitude, the Fruit Town Pirus have made co-signed Chris Brown, as per statements made from members of the gang to TMZ cameras in Compton.


Source:  Thesource.com




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