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China Builds A Glass Bridge That Expands More Than 900 Feet Long and 600 Feet Above Ground

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Photo Credit: Reuters

There are thrill seekers and there are those who are afraid to try anything new. Well for the thrill seekers, there is a glass bridge in China that’s suspended 600 feet in the air and about 1000 feet long. Are you brave enough to walk this glass bridge? Check out the story below.

Via Daily Mail

A group of brave tourists learnt the meaning of vertigo the hard way as they became the first visitors to cross a new 590 foot high glass-bottomed suspension bridge in China.

This spectacular structure, the first of its kind in the world, is situated in the province of Hunan, reported People’s Daily Online.

Images have emerged online showing the visitors gripped with fear and frozen in awe while standing on the see-through walkway. One female tourist is seen clutching to the handrail tightly and had to be dragged along by her friend.

The bridge had previously been a wooden overpass that linked two peaks of Stone Buddha Mountain in Shiniuzhai Geopark but is now a 984 foot long glass walkway.

Part of the bridge had already been replaced with a glass cutout in 2014, attracting hordes of fearless tourists.

However, 11 engineers have been working on the bridge over the last few months to replace all the wooden planks with glass panes, transforming the bridge into the world’s first glass-bottomed suspension bridge.

According to reports, several visitors were so terrified that they could barely move.

Some were seen holding on to each other as well as to the railings as they made the crossing.

Many people were gripped by fear as they tried not to look down to the steep drop below.

The bridge was said to wobble slightly when people walked across it, adding to the fear-factor of the frightening ordeal.

However, as part of the scenic site, it also offered incredible views over the geopark and the landscape below.

The amazing construction has already been dubbed ‘hero bridge’ because of the amount of courage required to cross it.

Those worried about the safety of the bridge can rest easy.

The glass panes forming the footpath are said to be 25 times stronger than regular window glass. They’re also created to stay in shape and withstand impact although special footwear has been issued to visitors.

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