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Chicago’s Own Fashion Guru Blake Martin’s iCandy 3 Was A Fantastic Fashion Frenzy!!! Phenomenal Show!!

EarHustle411 has been blessed with another opportunity to cover a phenomenal event for a friend of the EarHustle411 family.  Chicago’s very own Blake Martin is a fashion guru, with is unique way of putting fashion shows together may be seamless for him but from our view through the camera lens, we see the hard work and dedication put into the shows he calls productions.

Media Correspondent SunShyne was in the right place at the LaCuna Lofts where she covered Blake Martin’s infamous production iCandy 3: Spontaneous Insanity.


A very appropriate title for a fantastic show because every run of designers came out with explosive, jaw-dropping designs.  In the interim there was dance routines that prepared the guests for what was to come.  For example, The Power of Black: Tribute to Michael and Janet Jackson and Bonnie and Clyde: Tribute to Beyonce and Jay-Z were awesome and kept the attendees on the edge of their seats.

EarHustle411 has been fortunate to have covered a Blake Martin Production in the past so we were excited to see some designing favorites like Knotty Loops and Llewellen.  They came with the BANG, BOOM, POW designs, surely must buy fashions.

We were so excited to the newest designer added to the fashion run.  An EarHustle411 model favorite Mz TeSheena, stepped out on faith and started her own like, and what better way to  launch than with her own Blake Martin modeling family.  Her fashion run was titled “High Class B*tch” designed by InfiniteSHE.  Her styles were very classy, trendsetters and well put together.  We are so proud of Mz. TeSheena and we wish her well with her new line.

A couple of highlights for EarHustle411 was the presentation of the Fashion Legends Award, which was given to Broderick Hunter.  The award was presented by Blake Martin himself, who gave an amazing introduction and insight about Broderick Hunter.  This young man has made moves in the fashion and modeling world, it was certainly an award well deserved.  Another highlight for us was the presentation of Blake’s fashions.  We are always on our toes and surprised with the design he comes up with.  Rise of the Phoenix and Hey, Mr.Postman runs were beyond fabulous, and if we must say so ourselves, we see why the show is called “iCandy” (wink, wink).

We could rave forever about this extraordinary, phenomenally put together productions but we will let the a few of the photos speak for themselves.

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Congratulations and major KUDOS to Blake Martin and his team for another highly successful event.  EarHustle411 and the writing staff thank you for allowing us to be a part of your production.  Keep on doing what you doing!!

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