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Chicago’s Gone Wild: Horrific & Shameful Neighborhood Fight Caught On Video

Chicago's Gone Wild: Horrific & Shameful Neighborhood Fight Caught On Video

During a break in the weather, on the 3800 block of W. Crenshaw located on the west side of Chicago, a horrific street brawl occurred with what appears to be a whole neighborhood fighting among each other.  This behaviour is unacceptable.  You ask yourself what type of madness is this?

Could this be why certain people are questioning the #Black Lives Matter Movement?  When you see this type of ratched behavior with no respect for the law it makes you cringe with shame and embarrassment for all involved.

There are several fights all happening simultaneously and people are hitting cops, cursing and celebrating this madness as if it’s something to be proud of.

What is going on with our youth?  What makes them thing this is o.k?  Where are the leaders in this community? who is the Alderman?  These kids need something to keep them occupied because the summer has not here yet and this barbaric behavior has already started.  They are completely out of control.

Thank God the police didn’t shoot or taser these kids because the parents would have wanted to sue the cops when they are not controlling their children.

What is your thoughts about this video and what do you recommend should be done?  Chime in and let Ear Hustle 411 know how you feel about this.


Check out the disturbing video below:





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