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Chicago’s Own George’s Music Room Midway Airport Location Could Be Replaced By Hudson News

We all have been in an airport a time or two and how many “news” stores you pass just while walking to the gate to board your flight.  Hudson News owned several spots in airports all across the country.  So what’s so special about the space they are seeking to occupy in Midway International Airport, which is currently occupied by Chicago’s very own George’s Music Room.  George Daniels is a Chicago icon and local celebrity in his own right.  His music store previously located on the westside was a place that many celebrities who wanted to get the stamp of approval from Chicago,  made sure that when they came to Chicago, it was definitely a stop they had to make.  Sometimes a meet and greet, or album launch at George’s Music Room would be just the push they needed to get the people of Chicago on board with the artists projects.

According to the map of MDW Airport Hudson News has at least 3 spaces at the airport, while the spaces are not in “prime” location from what EarHustle411 can attest to.  George’s Music Room opened since 2001 is in a space that is very near the entrance of the airport which is known as the Boulevard.  Hudson News is by far the largest distributor of books and magazines in the Northeast United States not to mention the chain is in several airports across the country.  So why does a big conglomerate like Hudson’s need to boot a small business owner like George Daniels and his iconic establishment from it’s only existing location?  Secondly,

Photo Credit: Sarfatty Associates, LTD

Photo Credit: Sarfatty Associates, LTD

Midway Airport

If Hudson News already has spaces at the airport, why the move?  The only reason would be to get a more premium location within the airport.  What puzzles EarHustle411 is why was George Daniels not notified that his lease was not being renewed.  Mayor Emanuel is not the best person to trust that he would have done everything he could to ensure that a black owned successful business would remain at the airport.  There are not enough being represented as it it.  So it must be the money!!

George Daniels is a much-loved ambassador of Chicago and how dare they treat him in such a disrespectful manner.  It wasn’t but a few years ago his original location was burglarized and vandalized since its existence.  When George had been contemplating reopening the westside location, the intrusion has made him reconsider his aspirations of revitalizing the iconic store.

EarHustle411 and George Daniels asks your support to help him save his location from being removed from Midway Airport.  There is a petition his supporters are seeking to get as many signatures as possible.  Click Here


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