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Chicago Rapper Co-Still & Local Independent Record Label Helps Homeless Man Become An Overnight Sensation!!

I am so excited about this post I can hardly contain myself.  I am a firm believer that when you do good things for people without expecting anything in return, it always comes back full circle.  One of my very dear friends and supporter of Earhustle411 Cordell “Co-Still” Hunter was merely riding the train as part of his daily routine to handle his business.

Cordell Co-Still Hunter

When he sees a dude rapping on the subway platform.  In Chicago, seeing something like this is actually quite normal as the Chicago modes of transportation are frequently used at a “stage” for people to show off their talents [some good, great or even a lack thereof] to the many people that use public transportation.  Nonetheless Cordell Hunter, a rapper himself understands what it means to have a talent that the world has not been privy to see or have tapped into.  On Tuesday, September 29, 2014 would be that day Cordell’s life would change and that of the platform performer.

As he recorded the gentle on the platform performing, he found not just a homeless man trying to make a few dollars “rappin” his story to passersby but a true “diamond in the rough” Cordell did what most of us do when we record something, we post it on social media who would have known that a this gesture would literally change 2 lives overnight.

Check out Cordell’s video Facebook post of the platform rapper (at the time of Earhustle411’s post the video has gone viral):



Cordell Hunter in an interview with Fox 32 said:

“When I saw him I was like I have to do something to help this dude get out of this situation”

With Cordell “Co-Still” Hunter’s help, 89 Music and Wicked Entertainment’s Mickey Elahi, I have no doubt that the platform performer whose name is Joseph “So Low Red Line” Lane will become very successful in helping him achieve his goal of getting into a home and providing for his children.  89  Music and Wicked Entertainment has set up a Go Fund Me Page to raise money to help Lane get shelter

According to Cordell & Elahi the plan is to get the freestyle rap Lane performed recorded and available on iTunes.  Ironically, the track simply titled “Freestyled It” should be available this week.  Personally I can’t wait, I have made purchases that made ABSOLUTELY no sense at all but this will be one purchase that I plan to make and not because I feel sorry for Lane and his situation, but because it makes perfect sense as well as “cents”.

When God opens doors for us, it is our responsibility to use that blessing to bless someone else.  We all are not immune from experiencing a detrimental situation, it could happen at anytime.

Earhustle411 and the writing staff thanks Cordell Hunter and Micky Elahi of Wicked Entertainment for following their hearts to do something right for someone else!!  We wish Joseph “So Low Redline” Lane all the best and pray that this journey will be an uplifting and rewarding one.

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