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Chicago Police Warns Women In South Shore Community About Robberies At Gunpoint

Chicago police say at least three women were robbed at gun point in October in the South Shore neighborhood. Tuesday, police are reminding residents to pay close attention to their surroundings. They have also issued a community alert to boost awareness and generate information about the crimes.

According to police, the robberies took place between Yates Boulevard and Coles Avenue, and between 71st and 72nd Streets.

In each case, one or two men approached the women as they were getting out of their cars and displayed a handgun. In two of the cases, the weapon shown was a black handgun.

Stacey Childs says she does what she can to stay safe. The news of the robberies concerns her, but she says there is not a lot of crime in the area.

“I do notice the police are around here a lot,” Childs says. “They patrol, so that does make me feel safe.”

Chicago police have issued an alert about the robberies, asking residents who may know about the crimes to contact them.

South Shore resident David Logan agrees that it’s important for the community to be involved to keep crime to a minimum.

“This is a beautiful area,” Logan says. “You have South Shore Cultural Center, Lake Shore Drive, a golf course. Unfortunately, you have pockets of criminal people who take advantage of honest people.”

Police encourage anyone with any information about these crimes to contact them.

Source: ABC NEWS


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