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Chicago News: Cellular Store Robbery Caught On Store Cameras


Police are searching for two armed suspects who held up workers and customers at a cell phone store in the South Shore neighborhood on Thursday.

The brazen robbery at the Boost Mobile store in the 7300-block of S. Stony Island Ave was captured on surveillance video. It’s the second time the store has been robbed in the last two months.

“They threatened him to give up the phones and the money, and to get away from the counter,” said Ali Hamdan, part-owner.

Three men are seen entering the store almost casually, bundled up and wearing hoods and face masks. They pulled out guns and directed employees to one side of the store.

One of the men started to go through the cash register, putting cash into a bag he’d brought. Another scooped up cell phones and tossed them into another bag. They kept the employees in the corner at gunpoint.

After less than a minute, they got what they wanted and walked out of the store. As soon as they left, they started to run and store employees chased after them.

“As they coming out, my help chased him and they caught up with one of them. As they caught up with one of them, he fell on the floor and he hurt himself on his face,” Hamdan said.

The gunman fired shots at the employees as they chased them down 73rd Street.

Police took one suspect into custody, but are still looking for two more.

Source: ABC7

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