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Chicago: New Webisode Series”The Magazine Chronicles” Official Trailer


Chicago writer and actress Akilah McCord uses her skills and talent to bring you a new webisode series called “The Magazine Chronicles“. The series gives its viewers a fresh look at Chicago and the things that go on in its communities. Check out the trailer and the series synopsis below.

The Magazine Chronicles is a cinematic collection of short stories told through the pages of a popular urban magazine called, ‘Echelon‘. The storytellers in the magazine tells stories that are filled with experiences we can relate to in our communities. Chicago serves as the back drop as these stories offer a glimpse into a variety of scenarios from the perspective of the urban Chicagoan.

This unique platform of storytelling derives from the classic conventions of popular TV shows of the past such as; ‘The Twilight Zone‘ and ‘Tales from the Crypt‘.  The rugged sounds of hip hop and R & B lead us into each story, courtesy of these rich characters we instantly accept as our guide. The Magazine Chronicles: ‘The Stories We Live’

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Source: The Magazine Chronicles

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