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Chicago- Murder on the Dan Ryan; Mother Of 5 Killed

Chicago- Murder on the Dan Ryan; Mother Of 5 Killed

Commuters on the outbound lanes of the Dan Ryan Expressway were being diverted off at South 47th Street Wednesday morning while authorities continued their investigation into a fatal drive-by shooting.

A 25-year-old mother of five children, Jasmine “Sade” Curry, was shot while driving on Interstate 90-94 near South 59th Street at around 4 a.m.

Curry’s father said he knew the victim was his daughter when he saw her minivan and license plate.

Pierre Curry said he believes the shooting wasn’t random.

“Yeah, she was targeted. Last year her little brother was murdered right in this area here,” he said.

The mother was supposed to start a new job later Wednesday. She’d just dropped off one friend and had another in the vehicle when someone fired upon her minivan from the southbound lanes, Curry said.

Jasmine Curry’s sister-in-law, Liz McElroy, described the victim as funny, kind and quiet.

The death means just three of Pierre Curry’s five children are still alive. His son, 17-year-old Pierce Curry, was shot in the head while riding in the rear passenger seat of a vehicle in August 2013.


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Source: NBCChicago.com




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