Chicago Man Awarded $600K After Accidentally Locked Up In Cook County Jail For 30 Hours

Farad Polk

Photo Credit: ABC News

A man who was accidentally locked up in Cook County Jail for more than a day has received $600,000 for his ordeal.

Cook County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Sophia Ansari on Monday confirmed the settlement with Farad Polk.

Polk was visiting his son in July 2014 when he was directed to “go down the hallway and turn to the right,” where he passed through an open door that closed behind him. Authorities say the room was used by visitors with super-maximum security prisoners and not used on weekends.

Polk was rescued by Chicago Fire Department personnel after he broke a sprinkler head. After he was found, Polk said he was trapped in the room for 32 hours. He sued for emotional trauma.

At the time, Ansari said the sheriff’s department was grateful Polk was found safe.

Source: ABC News

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