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Chicago Homeowners Can Look Forward To A $9.50-$11.00 Bill To Get Their Trash Hauled Away

EarHustle411 is not surprised by this move the City of Chicago is making.  Chicago is a very expensive city to live in and this adding a tax to haul away trash that was included in their property tax is ridiculous.  As if the residents are not paying enough.

Read more as reported by WGN:

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CHICAGO — It appears Mayor Rahm Emanuel will ask Chicago residents to pay $9.50 a month to have their garbage hauled away.

Free garbage pickup would end under the mayor’s plan to help balance the city budget.

City hall won’t confirm the $9.50 figure, but one source within the Emanuel administration says the garbage fee definitely won’t be any higher than $11.00 a month.

It would be part of each homeowner’s bi-monthly water bill.

Source: WGN

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