Chicago Gang Member’s Life Spared When Rival Gang Saw Him Walking With His Daughter & Didn’t Shoot Him But Left Him With A Warning

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A Chicago Man is seen walking down the street when a rival gang member pulls up and sees him walking with his daughter.

The man in the car says to him, ”  I see you’re lacking do you know what I could do to you.  I see you’re with your daughter and if you weren’t with your daughter I would do that to you.”

The man walking is telling the guy driving, I got it on me referring to his gun.  He has no concern for his baby girl that is clearly in harm’s way.  This video shows that not all gang members are ruthless murderers killing kids as mainstream media would allow you to believe however, it also shows you that they will commit murders in broad daylight if the opportunity is right.

In the last week, three children were killed in crossfire from gang members shooting at each other in Chicago and this man was spared because of his daughter.  Instead of him looking at this as a blessing, he’s still talking crap to the other guy in the car.


Check out the video below:


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