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Chicago Event- Blake Martin Presents Aura; A Mens fashion Week Preview Event

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Chicago’s own Blake Martin organized Aura “A Men’s Fashion Week Preview Event” which blew the crowd away with each distinctive piece that was wonderfully designed.  The whole set up of the show itself was incredibly well managed which contributed to a successful and truly remarkable event.

The standard was exceptionally high and we were treated to a variety of men’s underwear that left the ladies speechless and in awe.  We were all captivated with the show.  The collections were distinctively designed; each piece offered something unique with drastic pieces that you could easily take home with pride and confidence.

There was an excitement in the air as the runway was filled to capacity with guests that were anxiously awaiting each new design that was showcased.

Each of the outfits was rocked to their full potential by all of the models; the ladies rocked their sexy outfits with their own unique style while ripping the runway.

Overall it was an awesome night with networking opportunities, the models were all amazingly friendly and sociable, the team of people that coordinated the event alongside Blake Martin should be extremely proud of themselves for pulling off such a successful show.  Stay tuned for the grand finale of Men’s Fashion Week on June 28, 2014.  It will be an event you don’t want to miss.

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Here’s what Mr. Martin had to say while chatting it up with Ear Hustle 411.

EH411- You were once a model before you started producing shows, would you rather be modeling or behind the scenes and why?

Blake Martin Yes, I began modeling in 2006 and only did it for a short time. About six months after modeling, someone asked me to assist in producing a show and I fell in love and never modeled again. I just love being behind the camera. I love putting it all together and making the vision a reality.

 EH411- You’ve  done several successful fashion shows with wonderful themes. What was the inspiration behind men’s fashion week in Chicago?

Blake MartinSo often in the fashion industry, men are forgotten about. They are thought as secondary to people and as a man who LOVES fashion, I just knew that not to be true so I wanted to establish an event wear menswear could be showcased in the best way.

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EH411- Everyone has this idea in their heads about being a model, what would you say is one of the biggest misconceptions about modeling?

Blake Martin- Mainly that modeling is fun and easy. People see photo shoots and traveling and thinks it’s all glamour.  Modeling is a real job and a craft that takes an immense amount of work. Modeling is anything but easy and simple.

EH411- The theme for the men’s fashion week is High Fashion versus Hard Body; can you tell our readers the difference between the modeling styles and some of the key things to look for when choosing between the two?

Blake Martin  Well, all of fashion has different subsets. Many people hear the word fashion and think that’s only tuxedos or Ralph Lauren suits. High fashion is your Avant Garde, couture, one of a kind pieces that you see grace the runway which is what you will see our Team Fashion boys modeling during fashion week.  Another market of men’s fashion is underwear. The underwear market is a billion dollar a year market for Men’s Fashion and should be showcased as well. So, our Team Body boys will be representing that during fashion week.

EH411- We know you have a clothing line called American Fraternity, What was the concept for coming up with this clothing line and is it unisex?

Blake Martin- American Fraternity is an all-male lounge wear and underwear line. The concept behind fraternity is being able to be yourself; being vulnerable, open, and passionate but still feeling strong, powerful and masculine. As a member of a fraternity, Iota Phi Theta, I know that is the exact way being a part of a fraternity makes you feel. Like you can be open and vulnerable with your brothers but yet still feeling like you are a part of a strong and masculine bond.

Here are a few of Blake’s Models that was EarHustle 411 approved and follow Blake Martin on the following social media sites

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