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Chicago Drivers Have Wised Up to Speed Cameras, Their Good Behavior is Bankrupting the City

Chicago Drivers Have Wised Up to Speed Cameras, Their Good Behavior is Bankrupting the City

Citizens in Chicago are costing the city tens of millions by obeying the law, giving credence to the notion that crime really does pay, and is not only profitable but necessary for the state to survive.

Over the last year Rahm Emanuel and company have flooded the city with speed cameras in an attempt to create a windfall of revenue generation.

Original estimates of revenue to be collected were upwards of $100 million but good drivers set back this greedy political goal $50 million. This shortage is in spite of the city’s best efforts to trick drivers into getting the tickets by placing the cameras in the proximity to schools and parks.

The tickets come with a $100 sticker price and the residents of Chicago got wise to this scam real quick.

Good behavior is bad for the budget.

Now the city will have to rob the citizens of Chicago in other ways to make up for their $50 million dollar budget shortfall.

This is a perfect example of how the system never sets out to prevent crime, they only wish to control it for profit.

A report done by Chicago Inspector General Joe Ferguson, maintained “the City cannot prove red-light camera locations are based on safety considerations.” In fact, there are a very many studies which illustrate the negative safety impact of speed cameras, they are listed at the bottom of this article.

This is a swift kick in the pants of Mayor Rahm Emanuel as it has taught him that underestimating the intelligence of the Chicago citizens can have dire consequences.

It also helps to shed light on potential revolutionary measures which ‘we the people’ can take to incite incredible change. The state is dependent upon you breaking their arbitrary traffic ‘laws’ in order to pay themselves. If we stop speeding, we literally give them a drastic pay cut.

Imagine it, we could defund the police state through good driving! In theory anyway.

Even if the good driving revolution never gets off the ground, it is quite heartening to see the huge effect that it is having in Chicago. Hopefully it opens the eyes of people across the country to the fact that the state needs them to break its laws in order to survive.





Source: Thefreethoughtproject.com

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