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Chicago DJ Team Commits To Supporting Local Talent With Networking Events And Free Hosting Of Mixtapes

The City of Chicago has been receiving negative press since the days of Al Capone and it seems as if the positives are not equaling up to the negatives.  Well EarHustle411 and the writing staff begs to differ.  With Chicago being the number 3 market when it comes to music, it’s high time the local talent gets some of that shine like so many other Chicago born artist, like R. Kelly, Jennifer Hudson, The Staple Singers, Curtis Mayfield, The Impressions, Jerry Butler, Earth, Wind and Fire and so many others.

Some will say that in order to truly “make it” in the music industry especially if hailing from Chicago, one will have to “leave” Chicago.  As unfortunate as it sounds a local DJ team does not believe that to be so and they’ve made a commitment to change that perception in the minds of the people of Chicago and wherever people will be willing to listen, by hosting networking events and producing mixtapes that feature all local talent.

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Blok Club DJs, Incorporated established in Chicago contends to being the DJ Team to seek out to promote artist.  With over 30+ like-minded DJs and a love for music and their City are collaborating with local artists to produce the ChiTown supported mixtape series titles “We Are The Blok” which has three volumes available for free download on the team’s official website.  All of the artist on the mixtape series are from the Chicagoland area, they are given the opportunity to submit their music to any one of the members of Blok Club DJs and have their music featured all for FREE!!

(Click on the picture to check out or download the mixtape at no charge.)

We are the Blok #1


We are the blok #2


we are the blok #3

This is the very same DJ Team that hosts a major networking event on the last Sunday in February every year.  This event has brought out artists, DJs, producers, radio personalities and aspiring entertainment professionals together in the spirit of “Networking Your Net Worth”.   EarHustle411 and the writing staff has covered this awesome event in the past and all we can say is there is some awesome talent in Chicago and not only do they get support but they also get educated and at the end of the day…all they need is a chance!!

The Blok Club DJs Meet & Greet 2016 is scheduled to be held in Bolingbrook, IL

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EarHustle411 Kudos going out to Blok Club DJs, Inc., keep doing what you are doing by supporting your own FIRST!! You are hereby EARHUSTLE411 Approved!!

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